Hood River Black Walnut Syrup

Hood River Black Walnut Syrup

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Black walnut syrup is quite different than maple syrup. You will find that black walnut has a much sweeter flavor accompanied by a nutty undertone that is definitive of black walnut. Some say it is almost "butterscotch" or "ambrosia" in profile.

Aside from using it for your breakfast, we recommend trying it drizzled over a glass of bourbon, or on vanilla ice cream. Also great for making mixed drinks and tinctures.

Unlike other syrups, our only ingredient is tree sap. No artificial colors, flavors, or additives.

Syrup has been gravity-filtered after boiling to remove coarse particulates, while allowing natural "Sugar sands" to remain (a very healthy mixture of calcium and malic acid produced by the black walnut). As a result, we recommend shaking your syrup before serving.

All containers have been sterilized and bottled at a temperature over 200?F to ensure a long lasting stable product. We do recommend refrigeration after opening to prolong life. Syrup will thicken once refrigerated, but thin when warmed to room temperature. If re-heating in a microwave, remove lid and use small 10 second intervals until desired consistency is achieved.

Tree Sap
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Hotmaple? What am I Getting Myself Into Here?
Grade A dark maple syrup tempers the fruity kick of fresh habaneros in our one-of-a-kind habanero hot sauces. Over a decade in the making, Hotmaple habanero sauces are crafted right here in Portland, Oregon from the best natural ingredients available.

While the habanero punches, the maple soothes, and our proprietary spice blend elevates the whole into a rich symphony of yum. It never overpowers, certainly never underwhelms, and complements everything from fresh peaches, to chili, to fudgy brownies.

How Hot Is It?
It's hot, but we aren't trying to hurt you. While it's true that the habanero is one of the hottest peppers available, the antioxidant activity of the maple syrup helps your mouth recover speedily, ready for another bite.
With Hotmaple, the heat stays where it belongs, right where you douse it, and doesn't leave you gasping through the rest of the meal.

Who Is Hotmaple For?
Everyone who loves hot sauce. Vegetarians, vegans, people intolerant of gluten or allergic to eggs or dairy can all enjoy Hotmaple to the fullest. Our sauce uses no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, nor do we use ingredients created by genetic engineering.

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