The Heat Source Podcast

The Heat Source Podcast

Learning everything we can about hot sauce one bottle at a time.

Cherry Poppins

Down to Ferment

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Funny Name, but Sauce is No Joke
Our first thought was everything dessert. Ice cream, cheesecake, & pie came to mind, but there is another level to this sauce that allows you to throw it on meatloaf, pulled pork, and other BBQ type foods asking for a change of flavor. The Luxardo cherries give a unique flavor to your typical hot sauce, but the apples, oranges, and nectarines balance it well.
The Heat Source November 03, 2023
Scotch Bonnet & Ginger Hot Sauce

Queen Majesty Hot Sauces

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Coconut Shrimp Long Lost Companion
This is a slow burning heat that brings a good ginger flavor balanced by lemon, sweet bell peppers, and onions. Use with soup, rice dishes, and coconut shrimp. They recommended sweet potatoes which I would welcome and this is a Hot Ones alum so wings is never wrong.
The Heat Source November 03, 2023
Tikk-HOT Masala

High Desert Sauce Co.

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A blend of cultures for strong flavor to counter the strong heat
The garam masala and coconut milk are welcome additions both for the flavor profile, but also the soothing milk to balance the great heat punch you get from ghost, Anaheim, and Carolina reaper peppers. It definitely causes a cycle of cooling and burning that will keep you coming back, but make it hard to put down. Soups, curries, or just over rice are great choices, but it's also one for most Indian Cuisine.
The Heat Source November 03, 2023
Red Habanero & Black Coffee Hot Sauce

Queen Majesty Hot Sauces

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An Earthy Habanero Sauce you'll smother meals with
I was amazed with the flavor balance that the coffee infused vinegar gave this sauce. It gives it a weight that normal habanero sauces doesn't achieve often. We kept it on breakfast food and mixed into sour cream for a kickin' taco and burrito addition, but you can use this on a pulled pork as well. This is a brand that does flavors so well.
The Heat Source November 03, 2023
Pineapple Habanero Ghost

Stanky Sauce

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Pineapple Heat
This sauce gives you the pineapple flavor that can be a marinade, drink upgrade, or a dish pairing. Whether it be fish tacos, wings, grilled meat, or in a pina colada it will improve each dish. You can also sneak pineapple on a pizza without judgement. The highest heat from the Stanky Sauce collection currently.
The Heat Source July 10, 2023
El Perro Afortunado - Fire-Roasted Tomato, 5-Pepper Salsa Picante

Lucky Dog

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A Salsa Picante meant for every kitchen
Whether enjoying taco night, wet burritos, nachos, or a slice of pizza this sauce will provide the heat, smoky, garlicy goodness that you need in your food. A medium-high heat for the average hot sauce fan, you'll be upgrading your bloody mary and breakfast scramble beyond your wildest dreams.
The Heat Source May 04, 2023
The Ass Gasher

Sauce Leopard

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When you want to upgrade your sriracha game
This sauce, designed in collaboration with the band Axeslasher, was made for pizza. Literally, it was designed to be the perfect pizza hot sauce and it did just that. It can go on any grilled meat or a breakfast burrito, but putting this sriracha style sauce on pizza is perfect. Take traditional sriracha and turn it up on balanced flavor, heat, and pepper variety. Take this with you for an everything sauce like you would with traditional sriracha. You won't be sorry.
The Heat Source May 03, 2023
The Bird Blood

Sauce Leopard

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Thanksgiving in a bottle
If you've ever had a tart cranberry sauce and thought it was too much, this sauce has balanced the flavor for you. With the additions of blueberry, orange, and lemon the cranberry is balanced to the perfect flavor with a warm heat for a high mild temp. Put this on your thanksgiving plate, turkey sandwich, pork loin, or spread over cream cheese with crackers. It all goes well with it.
The Heat Source May 03, 2023
Big Red One

13 Stars Hot Sauce

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An Everyday Sauce
The Red Jalapeno and Poblano peppers give this sauce a very manageable heat that lends itself to the title "An Everyday Sauce". Low in salt, this packs flavor that will go great on breakfast food, pizza, sandwiches, mac n cheese, even chili. It's a company that is also veteran owned and over 50% veteran employed so you are helping a company that is giving back to veterans. A solid red sauce for everyday use.
The Heat Source April 19, 2023
Pineapple, Jalapeno

Hook & Arrow

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Elevated Salsa Verde
When you need a green sauce for your Mexican dish, you grab this for the essential Verde flavors. Whether it go on nachos, variations of tacos, or just scooped up with a chip this sauce delivers. The heat is a mild level to allow this sauce to really focus on the flavor. Starters into the hot sauce space should use this sauce in their orientation.
The Heat Source April 12, 2023

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