Arizona Gunslinger

Prickly Pear Ghost Pepper

Prickly Pear Ghost Pepper

Chili Pepper  Chili PepperGhost Pepper  Ghost PepperHabanero Pepper  Habanero PepperPear  PearVinegar  Vinegar
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Chili Pepper  Chili PepperGhost Pepper  Ghost PepperHabanero Pepper  Habanero PepperPear  PearVinegar  Vinegar

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Introducing our hottest LIMITED EDITION sauce yet: Prickly Pear Ghost Pepper Sauce. The thorny prickly pear cactus grows all throughout the great Southwestern Sonoran Desert. The Gunslingers thought what better combination than the luscious flavor of the prickly pear fruit with the searing heat of the ghost pepper! Our Prickly Pear Ghost Pepper Sauce is not for the faint of heart. Be sure to flavor responsibly!
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Sugar, Prickly Pear Puree, Habanero Chilies, Salt, Distilled Vinegar, Ghost Chili Powder
Company Info

Arizona Gunslinger

Arizona is famous for gunslingers Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday and the like. Now from that same land comes a pistol-packing hot sauce called Arizona Gunslinger Smokin' Hot Jalapeno Pepper Sauce with the all the flavor and zest of the old southwest!

Since 1985, Arizona Gunslinger has consistently produced the finest collection of spicy hot foods available to the market. Flavor and taste are the first emphases for Gunslinger products with the ideal amount of spicy heat added to please a wide variety of palates.

In Arizona Gunslinger, you get a thick, rich pepper sauce that has the zing of a hot shootin' iron. Its great taste, however, makes it acceptable to even the more sensitive taste buds. Its got the heat you can eat! This savory blend adds distinctive flavor and zest to any dish. Put some fire in your chili, add some spice to your sauces, and red hot pepper to your eggs. Great for hot wings. Use Arizona Gunslinger Smokin' Hot Pepper Sauces to make any creation more appetizing.

Arizona Gunslinger is prepared with all the finest natural ingredients: featuring red ripened jalapeno peppers and 20% pepper solids, which is greater than any other hot sauce on the market today! The result is the very best southwestern style sauces, and other fine hot & spicy foods.

Gunslinger offers a wide variety of products including but not limited to Hot sauces, BBQ, Wing Sauces, Honey mustard, Steak sauces, Hot & Spicy Stuffed Queen Size Olives, Spices, Snacks and our 100% Organic Pepper Sauces, Organic Harvest Foods.

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