Baldr’s Bane
Baldr’s Bane
Baldr’s Bane

Halogi Hot Sauce

Baldr’s Bane

Baldr’s Bane

Anaheim Pepper  Anaheim PepperCilantro  CilantroJalapeno Pepper  Jalapeno PepperLime  LimeOnion  OnionOrange  OrangeVinegar  Vinegar
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Anaheim Pepper  Anaheim PepperCilantro  CilantroJalapeno Pepper  Jalapeno PepperLime  LimeOnion  OnionOrange  OrangeVinegar  Vinegar

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Our mildest sauce brings together classic verde flavors: cilantro, jalapeno, and a wave of lime.

White Vinegar, Vidalia Onion, Orange Juice, Lime Juice, Jalapeno Peppers, Anaheim Pepper, Cilantro, Salt
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Halogi Hot Sauce

Halogi Hot Sauce

Eat the Table
Oh sheesh, the table thing... People always bring this up.

Yes, I'm that Halogi from Norse mythology. Despite being a Fire Giant that lives in a frozen wasteland, most people know me from this one time Loki challenged me to an eating contest. He cleaned his chicken wings down to the bone, but by then I had eaten everything on my plate. I may have also eaten the plate... and most of the table.

The important thing that everyone remembers is that I won. My secret? Easy: the right sauce.

I was looking at real estate in other frozen wastelands when I stumbled upon this little area of Midgard called South Dakota. These two humans—Nick and Luke—were making this ridiculously flavorful sauce by hand with fresh ingredients: spices, herbs, and loads of peppers blended together in amazing combinations. Their recipes took years of fine-tuning, meticulously crafting each sauce to perfection. They even have some wild Limited Edition flavors like caramel apple, cherry limeade, and... well, you'll see. I put it on everything I eat, and I eat everything I put it on—table included.

Look, you're here because you love hot sauce, and that's awesome. I'm here to tell you this sauce is 100% fire, just like me.

I literally just realized where they got the name. Oh, by the way, it's "Ha-Low-Gee."

No no, hard G, like "Geek."

Nailed it! Now get some Halogi Hot Sauce: so good, you'll EAT THE TABLE.

-Halogi the Fire Giant

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