Banjee Ranch

Shaquanda's Hot Pepper Sauce

Banjee Ranch

Banjee Ranch

Chili Pepper  Chili PepperChives  ChivesDill  DillGarlic  GarlicOnion  OnionSmoky  SmokyVinegar  Vinegar
Dipping Sauce  Dipping SauceFalafel  FalafelSalad Dressing  Salad DressingSandwich  SandwichVegetables  Vegetables

Chili Pepper  Chili PepperChives  ChivesDill  DillGarlic  GarlicOnion  OnionSmoky  SmokyVinegar  Vinegar

Food Pairings:
Dipping Sauce  Dipping SauceFalafel  FalafelSalad Dressing  Salad DressingSandwich  SandwichVegetables  Vegetables
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Herby, ranch-y goodness from fan-favorite Shaquanda’s! Maker Andre Springer was inspired by ranch, but this hot sauce gets its dreamy, creamy texture from rich tahini, aka sesame seed paste! Chives, dill and celery seed channel a traditional ranch’s allium-herb mix, and heirloom Sivathei chilis - a smoky chili from Manipur, India - add subtle spice and a hint of earthiness. We’ve recommended hot sauce as salad dressing before, but Banjee Ranch is a must try on your favorite greens! Also great for sandwiches, dipping veggies, falafel and more.

White distilled vinegar, water, tahini (ground sesame seeds), onion, sugar, onion powder, black pepper, garlic powder, salt, dill, celery seed, chives, heirloom smoked Sivathei chili
Company Info

Shaquanda's Hot Pepper Sauce

Shaquanda's Hot Pepper Sauce made their first appearance at Bushwig in 2013 when Simon Leahy (the event's organizer) asked Shaquanda to perform. Shaquanda would only do it if she was able to perform using food. Enlisting the graphic design help of long-time collaborator, Dominic Mondavi, the Bushwig blend was created; a hot sauce creation made specifically for Bushwig, a performance of flavor in context to the event. Later that evening, Shaquanda and friends strolled the streets of Bushwick - shopping cart and all - serving sauces to people she had never met. The demand was there, and people raved about the FLAVOR. At that moment Shaquanda decided to turn this performance into a business.

Shaquanda's Hot Pepper Sauces are loaded with all goodness and NO FILLERS OR STARCHES! Each batch is unique; using mostly a bouquet of fabulous whole ingredients, the season plays a role in how flavors are pronounced. We use quality chili pepper varietals for a well-rounded intense heat that is paired with the robust flavor of onions. We care about flavor and heat and how they can work together to create something heavenly, not just burning out your gums. Many sauces rely on sugars and salts. We are unlike those other sauces; we rely on the bounty of mother nature and use a a whole lot less sugar and salt.

Each sauce has its own unique flavor profile and pairings. This is a condiment and a cooking/seasoning sauce. Don't be afraid to dump a tablespoon in a stew you are cooking, or even a marinade for your steak, mushroom, vegetables, or ribs before grilling. Let Shaquanda into your home, and into your kitchen, for a performance you will never forget.

“You don’t have to be royal to be the Queeen of your kitchen!
Dress your food with spice and flavor huney!”

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