Tamaulipeka Hot Sauce

Cantina Royal Hot Sauce

Tamaulipeka Hot Sauce

Tamaulipeka Hot Sauce

Chili Pepper  Chili PepperGarlic  GarlicOnion  OnionVinegar  Vinegar

Chili Pepper  Chili PepperGarlic  GarlicOnion  OnionVinegar  Vinegar

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A vegan reworking of our classic, Tamaulipeka transports you directly to the orchards of Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Tropical tamarind, smoked chiles and earthy aromatics produce a melody of sweet and savory flavors with medium heat. This sauce owes its richness to a smooth oil-blended base. With its bold flavors,

Tamaulipeka is perfect for marinating pork or for spreading on a torta, Tamaulipa-style.

Non-gmo corn oil, chili peppers, tamarind concentrate (sugar, water, tamarind, 0.1% potassium sorbate), distilled white vinegar reduced to 4% acidity, garlic, celery, onion, salt
Company Info

Cantina Royal Hot Sauce


This is the story of Bold, Delicious, and Inventive hot sauces created by a former actress turned flavor connoisseur, fueled by the belief in a Dr. Frankenstein-like chef from Mexico obsessed with the potential of peppers.

Thoughtfully sourced from Mexico, carefully curated, and lovingly made in Brooklyn.
Born out of Williamsburg Mexican Restaurant & Bar, Cantina Royal, by Restauranteur Diana Beshara & Executive Chef Julio MM, the company is proudly Woman Owned and Minority Owned. Sauces have been featured twice on Hot Ones, the #1 most popular YouTube show with combined viewing of 100+ Million people.
Drip. Drip. Coat. Repeat - Meet your new favorite hot sauce.

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