Tomasa - Spicy Habanero & Manzano Chile
Tomasa - Spicy Habanero & Manzano Chile
Tomasa - Spicy Habanero & Manzano Chile

Cantina Royal Hot Sauce

Tomasa - Spicy Habanero & Manzano Chile

Tomasa - Spicy Habanero & Manzano Chile

Garlic  GarlicOnion  Onion

Garlic  GarlicOnion  Onion

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Pizza  Pizza
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Inspired by my favorite song, Tomasa is Extra, Extra Spicy, strong and garlicky, for all those independent women in your life. She gives you trouble, but she knows what she's talking about. You better listen for your own good! She may be tough and extra picante, but like the song says, you will be so in love with her that you won't ever want her to leave your side.
Dark, smoky and a bit of a fireball - she’s very strong. Very addictive. Very smoky. Very black.

Just one drop … isn’t enough for us, but a little bit of this sauce goes a long way
Best with everything.

- Julio MM, Cantina Royal Chef

Non-GMO Corn Oil, Chile Peppers, Garlic, Onion, Kosher Salt, Celery, Certified Organic Chia Powder, Black Pepper
Company Info

Cantina Royal Hot Sauce

This is the story of Bold, Delicious, and Inventive hot sauces created by a former actress turned flavor connoisseur, fueled by the belief in a Dr. Frankenstein-like chef from Mexico obsessed with the potential of peppers.

Thoughtfully sourced from Mexico, carefully curated, and lovingly made in Brooklyn.
Born out of Williamsburg Mexican Restaurant & Bar, Cantina Royal, by Restauranteur Diana Beshara & Executive Chef Julio MM, the company is proudly Woman Owned and Minority Owned. Sauces have been featured twice on Hot Ones, the #1 most popular YouTube show with combined viewing of 100+ Million people.
Drip. Drip. Coat. Repeat - Meet your new favorite hot sauce.

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