Hot Ones Sauces

Hot sauces featured on the celebrity interview web series 'Hot Ones' hosted by Sean Evans

*Hot Ones is made by First We Feast and not affiliated with HotSauceFindr...we are just really big fans!

Hot Ones - Season 14

The Classic

Hot Ones Hot Sauces

Arbol Pepper  Arbol PepperGarlic  GarlicVinegar  Vinegar
No food pairings yet. Be the first!
Garlic N Peperoncini

Hot N Saucy

Cilantro  CilantroGarlic  GarlicHoney  HoneyVinegar  Vinegar
No food pairings yet. Be the first!
Barbados Style

Mark's Hot Sauce

Carrots  CarrotsGarlic  GarlicMango  MangoMustard  MustardOnion  OnionPapaya  PapayaPineapple  PineappleRum  RumVinegar  Vinegar
No food pairings yet. Be the first!
Devil’s Blend Roasted Reaper Hot Sauce

Hellfire Hot Sauce

Apple  AppleCarolina Reaper Pepper  Carolina Reaper PepperCilantro  CilantroGarlic  GarlicHabanero Pepper  Habanero PepperJalapeno Pepper  Jalapeno PepperLime  LimeTomatillo  TomatilloVinegar  Vinegar
No food pairings yet. Be the first!
Los Calientes Rojo

Hot Ones Hot Sauces

Agave  AgaveCilantro  CilantroGarlic  GarlicHabanero Pepper  Habanero PepperJalapeno Pepper  Jalapeno PepperLemon  LemonOnion  OnionTomatillo  TomatilloVinegar  Vinegar
No food pairings yet. Be the first!
Tears of the Sun

High River Hot Sauces

Ginger  GingerHabanero Pepper  Habanero PepperLemon  LemonMango  MangoPapaya  PapayaPeach  PeachPineapple  Pineapple
Breakfast  BreakfastChicken  ChickenFish  FishPork  Pork
Honey Badger

Torchbearer Sauces

Carolina Reaper Pepper  Carolina Reaper PepperCayenne Pepper  Cayenne PepperGarlic  GarlicHoney  HoneyMustard  MustardScorpion Pepper  Scorpion PepperVinegar  Vinegar
Bacon  BaconBeans  BeansBeef  BeefEggs  EggsEnchiladas  EnchiladasFrench Fries  French FriesHot Dogs  Hot DogsSandwich  Sandwich
Da Bomb Beyond Insanity

Da Bomb Hot Sauces

Extract Flavor  Extract Flavor  2Bitter  BitterChipotle Pepper  Chipotle PepperHabanero Pepper  Habanero PepperOrange  OrangeTomato  Tomato
Chicken  ChickenChili  ChiliCurry  CurrySteak  SteakWings  Wings

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