Hot Ones Sauces

Hot sauces featured on the celebrity interview web series 'Hot Ones' hosted by Sean Evans

*Hot Ones is made by First We Feast and not affiliated with HotSauceFindr...we are just really big fans!

Hot Ones - Season 15

The Classic

Hot Ones Hot Sauces

Arbol Pepper  Arbol PepperGarlic  GarlicVinegar  Vinegar
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Jala Pepa

Savir Foods

Bell Pepper  Bell PepperCilantro  CilantroDates  DatesGarlic  GarlicGrape  GrapeJalapeno Pepper  Jalapeno PepperOnion  OnionVinegar  Vinegar
Breakfast  BreakfastBreakfast Burrito  Breakfast BurritoBurritos  BurritosEggs  EggsMexican  MexicanTacos  TacosWings  Wings
Los Calientes Barbacoa

Hot Ones Hot Sauces

Agave  AgaveApple  AppleChipotle Pepper  Chipotle PepperCilantro  CilantroGarlic  GarlicHabanero Pepper  Habanero PepperJalapeno Pepper  Jalapeno PepperLime  LimeOnion  OnionSmoky  SmokyTomatillo  TomatilloVinegar  Vinegar
Tacos  TacosVegetables  Vegetables
The Original Goat

Ginger Goat

Carolina Reaper Pepper  Carolina Reaper PepperCarrots  CarrotsCilantro  CilantroGarlic  GarlicGinger  GingerLime  LimeOnion  OnionPineapple  PineappleSmoky  SmokyVinegar  Vinegar
Ribs  RibsTacos  Tacos
Tikk-HOT Masala

High Desert Sauce Co.

Agave  AgaveAnaheim Pepper  Anaheim PepperCarolina Reaper Pepper  Carolina Reaper PepperChili Pepper  Chili PepperCoconut  CoconutGarlic  GarlicGhost Pepper  Ghost PepperGinger  GingerOnion  OnionTomato  TomatoVinegar  Vinegar
Chicken  ChickenLamb  LambRice  RiceSoup  Soup
Love Burns Hot Sauce

Hotter Than El

7 Pot Primo Pepper  7 Pot Primo PepperCarolina Reaper Pepper  Carolina Reaper PepperCarrots  CarrotsGarlic  GarlicGhost Pepper  Ghost PepperLime  LimeOnion  OnionScorpion Pepper  Scorpion PepperTrinidad Scorpion Pepper  Trinidad Scorpion PepperVinegar  Vinegar
No food pairings yet. Be the first!
Da Bomb Beyond Insanity

Da Bomb Hot Sauces

Extract Flavor  Extract Flavor  2Bitter  BitterChipotle Pepper  Chipotle PepperHabanero Pepper  Habanero PepperOrange  OrangeTomato  Tomato
Chicken  ChickenChili  ChiliCurry  CurrySteak  SteakWings  Wings
Scorpion Disco

Karma Sauce

7 Pot Primo Pepper  7 Pot Primo PepperApple Cider Vinegar  Apple Cider VinegarGarlic  GarlicGhost Pepper  Ghost PepperHabanero Pepper  Habanero PepperLime  LimeScorpion Pepper  Scorpion PepperSweet  SweetTrinidad Scorpion Pepper  Trinidad Scorpion Pepper
Breakfast  BreakfastEggs  EggsFrench Fries  French FriesMac and Cheese  Mac and CheesePizza  PizzaVegetables  Vegetables

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