Red Savina Hot Sauce

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Red Savina Hot Sauce

Red Savina Hot Sauce

Carrots  CarrotsGarlic  GarlicLime  LimeOnion  OnionRed Savina Pepper  Red Savina PepperVinegar  Vinegar

Carrots  CarrotsGarlic  GarlicLime  LimeOnion  OnionRed Savina Pepper  Red Savina PepperVinegar  Vinegar

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Chili  Chili
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Melinda’s Red Savina. Say hello to our lady in red. At 675,000 Scoville units, our red savina chiles are twice the heat of our hottest habaneros for a distinct fiery flavor. Made the Melinda’s way: with whole, fresh ingredients and the best peppers on the planet for people who care about those kinds of things. Great for adding a chile-forward burst of heat to all foods.

Red Savina pepper mash (water, Red Savina pepper), carrots, vinegar, onion, lime juice, garlic, citric acid, xanthan gum
Company Info

Melinda's Foods

Melinda's doesn't make sauces that just burn, we make sauces that sizzle with flavor. We believe that pepper sauces are not just measured by units of heat, but more importantly by flavor. What makes a pepper sauce extraordinary is balancing the heat and flavor perfectly.

Just like a Top Chef, We craft our sauces to enhance the flavor profile of each chile to ultimately make each dining experience superb. Melinda's enhances fine foods without overpowering the intended flavor.

For almost 30 years Melinda's has stood for the finest fresh ingredients blended with fiery chile peppers to create the perfect balance of heat and flavor.

With 14 pepper sauce flavor and heat profiles, we offer the most diverse and creative line out there. Get your heat and flavor here.

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